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State of the Art
Nephrology & Urology Centre
in Visakhapatnam

Under the leadership of
Dr. B. S. Nehru MD DNB
Eminent Nephrologist and Transplant Physician
with 40 years of rich clinical experience
President – AP Society of Nephrology (2022)

Prior Appointment is mandatory. Please call for more info.

Helps identify the most common Kidney Diseases.

Helps identify more than 99% of Kidney Diseases.

Rated Excellent
(4.9) by 125 reviews on Google
  • Siva Teja
    Siva Teja ★★★★★
    1 year ago

    There are two things that I need to mention in this review:

    Firstly, Dr. B. S. Nehru sir, he is incredible. Not only has he taken great care of my father's health, but also he is lovely to speak with at every appointment. By the time we approached Nehru Sir, my father's health condition was deteriorated after having several medications like nearly 5 to 6 tablets thrice a day recommended by the previous doctor. The situation was like the acute rise in creatinine levels the before day night and the next day morning and he was in sepsis condition (not able to recognise the surroundings and what's happening around and to him). To our surprise, sir identified the issue with in 10 mins of checking with stethoscope and hand touch (may be by his long lasting experience) and said the body was infected severely and then suggested few tests which were urgently needed and then recommended diagnosis. Surprisingly sir had cured my father within a day after having emergency treatment and medication which helped my father able to recognise the things happening around him. Then sir kept him under observation and decreased the medication which earlier were so high and was in constant touch with the hospital which he was admitted and gradually helped him improving his health condition. Even after the discharge he recommended very less medication and we can say cost-effective medication where even the medicines cost were not so high. Sir said my father's body was not able to take high dosages and recommended slow medication and said his condition will improve slowly with the medication and said diet and that's what happening right now. His creatinine levels are decreasing slowly and his health condition improved drastically. Finally what my personal experience with Dr. Nehru sir was:
    1. Sir's long lasting experience and seniority in his field helped my father a lot, where there is a big difference which I observed before and after treatment.
    2. His way of talking and diagnosing, he explains everything in detail and helps us understand patient's health condition time to time with uttermost patience. He clears all our doubts irrespective of how many doubts and how many times we ask.
    3. His way of checkup at every review. He takes time with every patient for atleast 15 to 20 minutes and checks everything like how he checks at first visit and asks the patient in detail about his health condition and improvement and then change the medication if needed accordingly.
    4. And finally he don't write general medicines like calcium tablets, vitamin tablets etc etc which are not necessary and he don't recommend unnecessary tests.

    And the second was the Waltair Kidney Centre (WKC). It has highly dedicated staff and were patient friendly and give utmost respect. They take good care of the patient from the time we enter the centre till the time we leave. The centre has individual rooms for every patient who goes there for O.P. There will be a junior doctor who will take full medical history of the patient like previous medication, any previous surgeries, current medication, current medical condition etc. from the beginning to till date before going to visit Nehru Sir. The centre has the state of the art infrastructure and facilities where the patient need not go here and there to any other lab for tests. The centre accepts all modes of payments (cash, cards, UPI). There will be a dedicated medical store available in the centre where they will provide 10% discount on all medicines purchased there and accept all the above said payment modes. The center is easily accessible, it is nearest to APSRTC Complex which is 300m away from the WKC.

    Finally, Dr. B. S. Nehru sir is the senior most Nephrologist in Vizag whom we can completely trust and rely upon and my father is a genuine example.

    Hope this detailed review helps many other patients.


  • K Siba Sankar Subudhi
    K Siba Sankar Subudhi ★★★★★
    1 year ago

    We are consulting from Shri Dr. B S Nehru Sir from last 13 years, for my mother who is in CKD-5 stage, he is basically like family now, who take cares and treats his patients with utmost and personal care, even during covid time, we are in continuous touch with tele consultations. We are very happy with all the support from current staff and specially Sir at Waltair Kidney Center, please do consult here without any doubt.
    Thank you!

  • bhaskara rao karri
    bhaskara rao karri ★★★★★
    1 year ago

    I consulted five specialist doctors in Visakhapatnam during 2016 but no one could diagnose my mother's disease. Then I consulted Dr.B.S.Nehru sir, who diagnosed my mother's disease and successfully providing treatment to her since 2016. He is the best doctor in Visakhapatnam, as per my knowledge. I am totally impressed by the way he has been treating my mother. He studies the patient and disease meticulously. He is an extraordinary talented doctor with human values. Hardly find such non-commercial doctor in this era. He is simple, gentle and always approachable.He spares sufficient time for every patient. May God bless him.

  • Venk K
    Venk K ★★★★★
    1 year ago

    Doctor sir is very experienced and taken care of my concerns very well by listening to me. His Diagnosis was very deep to the root cause and explained me every test result with a great patience.
    Staff is well trained and very professional.
    I would say that this is best in Vizag.

Teamwork at Heart

At Waltair Kidney Centre we believe that teams of doctors are always better than individuals when it comes to identifying and managing advanced Kidney diseases.

Here every patient is managed by a team of professionals including Nephrologists, Clinical Pharmacologists, etc. so that all the problems and issues are discussed thoroughly and appropriate decisions are taken in a timely manner.

Isolation by Design

Every patient visiting our centre is allotted a seperate chamber to avoid contact with other patients and reduce cross-infections. Our doctors and para-medics inturn go to the respective chambers to see and manage the patients. (COVID-19 protocols might differ)

Advanced Facilities

When to suspect Kidney Disease?

Decreased Urine
Frequent Urination
Foamy Urine
Swollen Legs
Chronic Diabetes
Chronic Hypertension
Kidney Stones
Unexplained Weight Loss
High BP in Pregnancy
Frequent Urinary Infections
Irregular Periods
Stunted Growth
Frequent Fractures
Blood in Urine
Unexplained Itch
Loss of Appetite
Frequent Miscarriages
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Dr. B. S. Nehru is one of the senior nephrologists in visakhapatnam. He treats patients with utmost care. When we visited him, he identified the problem immediately and suggested proper treatment that saved us. I would definitely recommend him.

Krishna B

Before consulting Dr. B. S. Nehru sir, I consulted many nephrologists, one even advised kidney transplantation, when my serum creatinine is around 2.2 mg/dl. But one of my relatives, who took treatment from Dr. B. S. Nehru suggested his name and I have been under his followup since 5 yrs. He is very encouraging and supportive. Though I request for costly investigations and treatment, he follows his principles of low cost treatment.

I am indebted to him for his services and I recommend every kidney patient to consult WKC

Srinu M

Visited Waltair Kidney Centre today for general consultation..felt very safe... facility is wonderfull and the doctor started this with a main motto of providing safe environment to his patients in the present pandemic situation who are mostly senior citizens. A seperate well equipped laboratory (tests, x-ray, ecg, ultrasound, etc.) is present & individual cabins are offered to each patient and the doctor himself will visit each patient in the cabin and comfort them. The staff here treat everyone with good hospitality and guide every patient personally. Especially the hospital is situated in the well known centre of the city. Very good job done by Dr. B. S. Nehru..thank you sir.
Ram Santosh

Though it is a specialist centre for kidney diseases, the efforts and focussed systematic diagnostic procedures adopted by Dr. B. S. Nehru and his team are quite helpful /professional for general medical treatment. It is located near RTC Bus stand, Visakhapatnam and thus easily accessible for common people. Dr B. S.Nehru is the best and can be trusted fully for any medical intervention. He saved my father in law of 85 years.
Ramakrishna Prasad

Very good treatment offered by Dr. B. S. Nehru garu. Hospital is excellent.
Murali Krishna Murthy Kuchibhotla